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Jan 20 Introduction to mean field asymptotics Lecture 1, Scribed Notes
Jan 25 Basic concepts in statistical physics Lecture 2, Scribed Notes
Jan 27 Ising models Lecture 3, Scribed Notes
Feb 1 Statistical decision theory and the Sherrington Kirkpatrick model Lecture 4, Scribed Notes
Feb 3 Z2 synchronization and the free energy approach Lecture 5, Scribed Notes
Feb 8 Concentration inequalities in mean field asymptotics Lecture 6, Scribed Notes
Feb 10 Concentration inequalities and Field Theoretic calculations Lecture 7, Scribed Notes
Feb 15 Holiday
Feb 17Replica method, I: the spiked GOE matrix, part a) Lecture 8, Preview Scribed Notes
Feb 22Replica method, II: the spiked GOE matrix, part b) Lecture 9, Preview Scribed Notes
Feb 24Replica method, III: Z2 synchronization Lecture 10, Preview Scribed Notes
Mar 1Replica method, IV: Z2 synchronization and replica symmetry breaking Lecture 11, Preview Scribed Notes
Mar 3Replica method, V: The LASSO risk Lecture 12, Preview
Mar 8CGMT, I: Slepian's inequality and applications Lecture 13, Preview
Mar 10CGMT, II: Gordon's inequality and CGMT Lecture 14, Preview
Mar 15CGMT, III: CGMT and LASSO asymptotics Lecture 15, Preview Scribed Notes
Mar 17CGMT, IV: Double descent of linear models Lecture 16, Preview Scribed Notes
Mar 22Spring break
Mar 24Spring break
Mar 29Random matrices and Stieltjes transforms Lecture 17, Preview Scribed Notes
Mar 31Lindeberg approach for universality Lecture 18, Preview
Apr 5AMP, I: Overview Lecture 19, Preview Scribed Notes
Apr 7AMP, II: Derivation of AMP I Lecture 20, Preview Scribed Notes
Apr 12AMP, III: Derivation of AMP II Lecture 21, Preview Scribed Notes
Apr 14AMP, IV: From AMP to State evolution Lecture 22, Preview Scribed Notes
Apr 19Guest lecture: Michael Celentano. The estimation error of general first order methods.
Apr 21Two applications: TAP free energy; double descent of RF model TAP, DD
Apr 26Project presentations
Apr 28Project presentations (last lecture)