Lucien Le Cam

Unpublished Papers

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  • Etude sur les Crues, Hand-dated 1950, (abstract, chapters 1-3)
  • Etude sur les Crues, Hand-dated 1950, (chapters 4-conclusion, figures, bibliography)
  • Note on a Certain Class of Measures, Hand-dated 1/13/70
  • On Replacing a Fixed Sample Size By a Random Variable, Hand-dated 7/10/72
  • Non-Anaphylactic Food Allergies Mediated by Immune Complexes: I. Evidence for Immune Complex Mediated Vascular Inflammation, January 1981
  • On the Standard Asymptotic Confidence Ellipsoids of Wald, Technical Report #100, July 1987, Revised November 1987
  • Maximum Likelihood, An Introduction, Technical Report #168, August 1988, Revised January 1991
  • Some Recent Results in the Asymptotic Theory of Statistical Estimation, Technical Report #263, August 1990
  • Some Special Results of Measure Theory, Technical Report #265, August 1990
  • An Infinite Dimensional Convolution Theorem, Technical Report #269, September 1990
  • Stochastic Models of Lesions, Induction and Repair in Yeast, Technical Report #332, December 1992
  • An Infinite Dimensional Convolution Theorem, 1992
  • On the Variance of Estimates with Prescribed Expectations, Technical Report #393, July 1993
  • Neyman and Stochastic Models, 1994


  • A Desymmetrization Lemma, Draft
  • An Elementary Proof of the Converse of the Lindberg-Levy Theorem
  • An Inequality Concerning Bayes Estimates
  • Joint Asymptotic Normaility
  • Limits of Experiments and a Theorem of J Hajek
  • Mixtures of Poisson Distributions, I. Some Simple Cases
  • On Some Results of J. Hajek Concerning Asymptotic Normality
  • On the Construction of Estimates for Independent Observations
  • On the Identifiability of Infinitesimal Generators
  • On the Speed of Convergence of Posterior Distributions
  • On the Weak Compactness of the Space of Experiment Types
  • A Remark On Empirical Measures
  • Some Theorems On the Distribution of Sums of Independent Linear Stochastic Processes