Stat 155: Game Theory, Fall 2009

Instructor: Shobhana Murali Stoyanov
Class time: TuTh 11-12:30, 332 Evans
Office hours: Wednesday, 10-12, 307 Evans

Text: We will be using the lecture notes by Yuval Peres and David Wilson.
We will also use the online Game Theory Text by Thomas S. Ferguson.
An excellent (and fun!) resource, where you can find other lecture notes, a glossary of game theory concepts, and also play some games, is .

* Other useful links:
Prof. Dan Garcia's Gamescrafters page.
Prof. Chris Heil's guide to writing proofs.

Here is the link to the book referred to in class (on Algorithmic Game Theory, for Mechanism design, Edited by Nisan-Roughgarden-Tardos-Vazirani, Cambridge University Press, 2007). The link is to an non-printable version.
The lecture notes from Cornell that I mentioned can be found here.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate courses in Linear Algebra and Probability.

Lectures: Read the lecture highlights.

Lecture plan: Below is a lecture plan for the next few weeks.

Th 11/19: Social choice and Arrow's impossibility theorem
T 11/24: (HW due!) Stable matching
W 11/25: Office hours as usual, 10-12, 307 Evans
Th 11/26: Holiday - Happy Thanksgiving!
T 12/1: Mechanism Design
Th 12/3: Mechanism Design
T 12/8: Last day of teaching : Review for final.
W 12/9: Office hours as usual
Th 12/10: NO CLASS!
M 12/14: Special pre-exam office hours: 11-1, Evans 307
T 12/15: Final Exam 5-8 pm, 200 Wheeler Here is a practice final , with solutions .

Homework: Due every Thursday, beginning September 10, at the beginning of class. The homework is given below. Late homework will not be accepted.

Midterm: The in-class midterm will be on Thursday, October 15. Here is a Midterm study guide.

Grading: Your letter grade will be determined using the maximum of {15% hw, 35% midterms, 50% final} and {15% hw, 15% midterms and 70% final}.

Course content: Combinatorial games, two-person zero sum games, more general sum games, Nash equilibria, coalitions and Shapley value, social choice.

Homework 1, due 9/10 Solutions
Homework 2, due 9/17 Solutions
Homework 3, due 9/24 Solutions
Homework 4, due 10/1 Solutions
Homework 5, due 10/8 Solutions
Homework 6, due 10/29 Solutions
Homework 7, due 11/5 Solutions
Homework 8, due 11/12 Solutions
Homework 9, due 11/24 Solutions

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