Statistics and Genomics Seminar

The Statistics and Genomics Seminar covers a wide range of topics at the interface between the biological, medical, statistical, and computational sciences. The main goals of the seminar are to expose students to cutting-edge research in the biological and medical sciences and prepare them for engaging in interdisciplinary research projects that involve the development and application of statistical methods and software, thereby leading to potential thesis or dissertation projects and fostering collaboration across disciplines. Speakers have diverse backgrounds and include biologists, clinicians, computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians, at the faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate student levels. The audience consists primarily of statisticians and biologists from UC Berkeley and neighboring institutions, such as, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC San Francisco.

Students may earn up to two units by registering for the course STAT 278B.

The seminar is held Thursday 4-5 pm in room 1011 Evans Hall (Map).


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