PB HLTH 292, Section 020
Statistics and Genomics Seminar

Spring 2011

Time: Thursday, 16:00-17:00
Location: 1011 Evans Hall
Organizer: Professor Sandrine Dudoit

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Center for Computational Biology

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PB HLTH 292, Section 020
Course control number: 76304
N.B. SU grade option only, maximum of 2 units

CCB: The Center for Computational Biology is sponsoring this talk.

Thursday, January 20th
Speaker: Dr. Peter M. Haverty, Genentech
Title: Mutation, Copy Number and LOH in Cancer Genomes via Next Generation Sequencing

Thursday, January 27th
Speaker: Johann Gagnon-Bartsch, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Using Control Genes to Correct for Unwanted Variation in Microarray Data

Thursday, February 3rd
Speaker: Professor Kathleen Collins, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley
Title: Genome Surveillance by Small RNAs

Thursday, February 10th CANCELLED

Thursday, February 17th
Speaker: Professor Niels Richard Hansen, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen
Title: Correlations of ChIP-Seq Peaks and Other Genomic Signals

Thursday, February 24th CCB
Speaker: Professor Elizabeth Purdom, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Simple Gene Estimates from RNA-Seq

Thursday, March 3rd CANCELLED
Speaker: Professor Rick Durrett, Department of Mathematics, Duke University
Title: Modeling Diversity in Tumor Populations

Thursday, March 10th
Speaker: Professor Su Guo, Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, UCSF
Title: Functional Genomics Employing the Vertebrate Model Organism Zebrafish Danio rerio

Thursday, March 17th CANCELLED

Thursday, March 24th
Spring recess

Thursday, March 31st
Speaker: Dr. Lorenza Mittempergher, Departments of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UCSF
Title: Gene Expression Profiles from Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Breast Cancer Tissue Are Largely Comparable to Fresh Frozen Matched Tissue

Thursday, April 7th
Speaker: Dr. Franck Rapaport, Computational Biology Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Title: Characterizing cancer progression from the tumor cells and their microenvironment

Thursday, April 14th
Speaker: Professor Doris Bachtrog, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
Title: Evolutionary genomics of sex chromosomes in Drosophila

Thursday, April 21st CANCELLED

Thursday, April 28th
Speaker: Dr. Barry S. Taylor, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Visiting Scientist, Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCSF
Title: Concurrent sequencing of human cancers

Thursday, May 5th
Speaker: Professor Hongkai Ji, Department of Biostatistics, Johns Hopkins University
Title: Integrative Analysis of Many ChIP-seq and ChIP-chip Experiments