PH 296

Statistics and Genomics Seminar

Spring 2004

Time: Thursday 4-5pm
Location: 334 Evans Hall
Organizer: Professor Mark J. van der Laan

For directions to Evans Hall, please consult the campus map.

Graduate Group in Computational and Genomic Biology

Thursday, January 22nd

Speaker: Professor Lior Pachter, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley.
Title: Parametric inference for biological sequence analysis

Thursday, January 29th

Speaker: Sandra E. Sinisi, Division of Biostatistics, UC Berkeley.
Title: A general description of the Deletion/Substitution/Addition algorithm with an example in polynomial regression

Thursday, February 5th

Speaker: Annette Molinaro, Division of Biostatistics, UC Berkeley.
Title: Piecewise Constant Estimation in Prediction of Survival Outcomes: Applications in Genomics

Thursday, February 12th

Speaker: Richard Bourgon, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley.
Title: The SERA gene family in Plasmodium: Multiple criteria for assessing and improving inferred gene trees

Thursday, February 19th

Speaker: Professor Sandrine Dudoit, Division of Biostatistics, UC Berkeley.
Title:Multiple Testing Procedures: Applications to Genomics

Thursday, February 26th

Speaker: Professor Erich Lehmann, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley.
Title: Conflicting principles in hypothesis testing
Please note the change in location for this talk: Room 4 Haviland.

Thursday, March 4th

Speaker:  NO SEMINAR.

Thursday, March 11th

Speaker: Professor Bin Yu, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley.
Title:MDL and Its Application to Gene Clustering and Selection

Thursday, March 18th

Speaker: Dr. Sunduz Keles, Division of Biostatistics, UC Berkeley.
Title: Statistical Methods for Analyzing ChIP-High Density Oligonucleotide Array Data

Thursday, March 25th

Spring recess -- no seminar.

Thursday, April 1st

Speaker: Alan Moses.
Title: Evolutionary mixture models for phylogenetic motif finding

Thursday, April 8th

Speaker: Professor Michael Eisen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Thursday, April 15th

Speaker: Mathias Drton, Department of Statistics, University of Washington.
Title: Iterative Conditional Fitting for Gaussian Ancestral Graph Models

Thursday, April 22nd

Speaker: Dr. Blythe Durbin, Division of Biostatistics, UC Berkeley.
Title:Optimizing Neural Network Architecture for Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure

Thursday, April 29th

Speaker: Professor Alan Hubbard, Divisions of Biostatistics and Environmental Health, UC Berkeley.
Title: Statistical complications of using molecular genotyping to improve estimates of antimalarial treatment efficacy: right-censored data with missing indicators of failure

Thursday, May 6th

Speaker: Professor Ru-Fang Yeh, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, University of California, San Francisco.
Title: Predictive Identification of Cis-regulatory Elements for Pre-mRNA Splicing in Humans

Thursday, May 13th

Speaker: Professor Michael Steel, Biomathematics Research Centre, University of Canterbury,  Christchurch, New Zealand.

Title: Phylogenetic closure operations

Thursday, May 20th

Commencement -- no seminar.

Thursday, May 27th

Speaker: Seth Sullivant, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley.
Title: Phylogenetic Invariants