PB HLTH 292, Section 020
Statistics and Genomics Seminar

Spring 2007

Time: Thursday, 4-5pm
Location: 1011 Evans Hall
Organizer: Professor Sandrine Dudoit

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Graduate Group in Computational and Genomic Biology

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PB HLTH 292, Section 020
Course control number: 76432
N.B. SU grade option only

Thursday, January 18th
Speaker: Dr. Sach Mukherjee, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Bayesian network analysis of MAPK connectivity in cancer

Thursday, January 25th
Speaker: Professor John P. Huelsenbeck, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
Title: Bayesian phylogenetics and chinese restaurants

Monday, January 29th
Speaker: Dr. Derek Chiang, Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA
Title: Reproducibility & sensitivity of Affymetrix exon arrays

Thursday, February 1st
Speaker: Professor Fitnat Yildiz, Department of Environmental Toxicology, UC Santa Cruz
Title: Molecular basis and consequences of phase variation in Vibrio cholerae

Thursday, February 8th
No seminar

Thursday, February 15th
Speaker: Professor Hua Tang, Department of Genetics, Stanford University
Title: Reconstructing ancestry blocks in admixed individuals using high density genotype data

Thursday, February 22nd
Speaker: Dr. Yun S. Song, Department of Computer Science, UC Davis
Title: Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Meiotic Recombination
N.B. Computational Biology Initiative Faculty Search
Location: 306 Soda Hall

Thursday, March 1st
Speaker: Dr. Daniel Dalevi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Title: Estimating a variable length Markov model from biological sequence data

Thursday, March 8th
Speaker: Dr. Benoit Simon-Bouhet, Department of Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
Title: Range expansion and biological introductions in marine ecosystems: the example of Cyclope neritea (Nassariidae) along the French coasts

Thursday, March 15th
Speaker: Cyrus Harmon, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley
Title: An Atlas of Spatial Patterns of Gene Expression in Drosophila melanogaster Imaginal Discs

Thursday, March 22nd
Speaker: Dr. Anand Chokkalingam, Division of Epidemiology, UC Berkeley
Title: Genetic Epidemiology Initiatives in the Northern California Childhood Leukemia Study

Thursday, March 29nd
Spring recess

Thursday, April 5th
Speaker: Benjamin Blum, Computer Science Division, UC Berkeley
Title: Resampling Techniques for Protein Structure Prediction using Rosetta

Thursday, April 12th
No seminar

Thursday, April 19th
Speaker: Professor Katherine S. Pollard, Genome Center and Department of Statistics, UC Davis
Title: Nucleotide bias among recent substitutions in the human genome

Thursday, April 26th
Speaker: Dr. Jun Yu, Professor and Associate Director, Beijing Genomics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Title: The Pendulum Model: Compositional Dynamics of the Eubacterial Genomes

Thursday, May 3rd
Speaker: Professor Terry Speed, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Evolutionary analysis of the relaxin peptide family and their receptors