PB HLTH 292, Section 020
Statistics and Genomics Seminar

Spring 2010

Time: Thursday, 16:00-17:00
Location: 1011 Evans Hall
Organizer: Professor Sandrine Dudoit

Please e-mail sandrine@stat.berkeley.edu to be added to the seminar e-mail list.

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Center for Computational Biology

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PB HLTH 292, Section 020
Course control number: 76343
N.B. SU grade option only, maximum of 2 units

CCB: The Center for Computational Biology is sponsoring this talk and hosting a post-seminar reception.

Thursday, January 21st
Speaker: Dr. Ben Brown, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Promoter Annotations in D. mel.

Thursday, January 28th
Speaker: Dr. Reece Hart, Chief Scientist, Genome Commons, UC Berkeley
Title: Toward Meaningful Whole-Genome Interpretation with Open Access Tools From the Genome Commons

Thursday, February 4th CCB
Speaker: Dr. Leath Tonkin, Manager, Vincent J. Coates Genomic Sequencing Laboratory, UC Berkeley
Title: Everything you wanted to know about Illumina sequencing (but were afraid to ask)

Thursday, February 11th
Speaker: Professor Alexander Schliep, Department of Computer Science, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Title: Semi-supervised learning from temporal and spatial patterns of gene expression in Drosophila

Thursday, February 18th CCB
Speaker: Dr. Steffen Durinck, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Title: Data mining with biomaRt

Thursday, February 25th CCB
Speaker: Matthew Davis, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley
Title: Using data driven models to reveal structure in a metazoan transcriptional network

Thursday, March 4th
Speaker: Professor Mariel Vazquez, Department of Mathematics, San Francisco State University
Title: DNA unknotting, topoisomerases and bacteriophages

Thursday, March 11th CCB
Speaker: Dr. Laurent Jacob, Genentech Innovation Fellow, Center for Computational Biology and Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Structured priors for supervised learning in computational biology

Thursday, March 18th
No seminar

Thursday, March 25th
Spring recess

Thursday, April 1st
Speaker: Dr. Hui Jiang, Department of Statistics, Stanford University
Title: Statistical Modeling of RNA-Seq Data

Thursday, April 8th CCB
Speaker: Professor John Ngai, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, UC Berkeley
Title: Transcriptional Profiling of the Olfactory Stem Cell

Thursday, April 15th
Speaker: Professor Adam B. Olshen, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and HDFC Cancer Center, University of California, San Francisco
Title: Three Problems in Statistical Genomics

Thursday, April 22nd CCB -- CANCELLED
Speaker: Dr. Wolfgang Huber, Group Leader, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany
Title: Differential expression analysis for sequence count data

Thursday, April 29th
No seminar

Thursday, May 6th CCB
Speaker: Professor Jun S. Song, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Institute for Human Genetics, UCSF
Title: Post-transcriptional Regulation of microRNA Biogenesis