PB HLTH 292, Section 020

Statistics and Genomics Seminar

Spring 2006

Time: Thursday 4--5pm
Location: 334 Evans Hall
Organizer: Professor Sandrine Dudoit

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Graduate Group in Computational and Genomic Biology

Computational Biology Seminar, Department of Mathematics

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PB HLTH 292, Section 020
Course control number: 76393.
2 units, register with the SF grade option.

Thursday, January 19th
Speaker: Professor Ru-Fang Yeh, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF.
Title: Analysis issues of oligonucleotide tiling array data.
Thursday, January 26th
Speaker: Professor Saunak Sen, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF.
Title: Quantitative trait mapping study designs from an information perspective.
Thursday, February 2nd
Speaker: Todd Z. DeSantis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Title: Hybridization Efficiency Analysis Of Probes Targeting 16S rRNA Genes Using The Affymetrix Genechip Format.
Thursday, February 9th
Speaker: Professor Matthew Stephens, Department of Statistics, University of Washington, Seattle.
Title: Automatically Detecting and Genotyping Genetic Variants (SNPs) by Sequencing of Diploid Samples.
N.B. Seminar held in 306 Soda Hall.
Thursday, February 16th
Speaker:Dr. Nancy Zhang, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley.
Title: Modified BIC for Change-point Problems with Applications to Array-CGH Data.
Thursday, February 23rd
Speaker: Professor Irmtraud Meyer, University of British Columbia.
Title: Novel Algorithms for Investigating New RNA Features.
N.B. Seminar held in 306 Soda Hall.
Thursday, March 2nd
Seminar cancelled.
Thursday, March 9th
Speaker: Barbara Engelhardt, Department of Computer Science, UC Berkeley.
Title: SIFTER: A statistical graphical model for predicting protein molecular function.
Thursday, March 16th
Speaker: Dr. Sach Mukherjee, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley.
Title: Data-adaptive test statistics for genomics.
Thursday, March 23rd
Speaker: Professor Martyn T. Smith, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, UC Berkeley.
Title: Application of 'omics' to the study of chemically-exposed humans.
Thursday, March 30th
Spring Recess.
Thursday, April 6th
Speaker: Colin Dewey, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC Berkeley.
Title: Whole-genome alignments and polytopes for comparative genomics.
Thursday, April 13th
Speaker: Professor Hao Li, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research, UCSF.
Title: Combinatorial Regulation in Yeast Transcription Networks.
Thursday, April 20th
Speaker: Anton Valouev, Department of Mathematics, University of Southern California.
Title: Optical Mapping and its applications to discovering structural variations in genomes.
Thursday, April 27th
Speaker: Professor Jane Fridlyand, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCSF.
Title: Some issues in the analysis of high dimensional cancer data.
Thursday, May 4th
Speaker: Professor William Jagust, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley.
Title: Analysis of Brain Images: Methods and Models.
Thursday, May 11th
Speaker: Dr. Debopriya Das, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Title: Inferring Transcriptional Subnetworks from Microarray Expression Data using Regression Splines.