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Seminar - Fall 2001

Time: Thursday 4-5pm
Location: 334 Evans Hall

Thursday, September 20th

Speaker: Yee Hwa (Jean) Yang, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Some aspects of the design and analysis of gene expression microarray experiments
Thursday, September 27th
Speaker: Prof. Lior Pachter, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley
Title: Picking alignments from (Steiner) trees
Thursday, October 4th
Speaker: Dr. David O. Nelson, Biology and Biotechnology Research Program, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Title: Assessing Variation in DNA Repair Capacity Using the Comet Assay
Thursday, October 11th
Speaker: John Storey, Department of Statistics, Stanford University
Title: Detecting Differenital Gene Expression in DNA Microarrays
Thursday, October 18th
Speaker: Prof. Hongzhe Li, Department of Internal Medicine, Rowe Program in Human Genetics,UC Davis
Title: Multivariate survival models induced by genetic frailties, with application to linkage analysis
Thursday, October 25th
Speaker: Sunduz Keles, Division of Biostatistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Identification of regulatoy motifs using gene expression data
Thursday, November 1st
Speaker: Benjamin Milo Bolstad, Division of Biostatistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Some issues in low-level analysis of Affymetrix GeneChip data
Thursday, November 8th
Speaker: Prof. Ajay Jain, Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCSF
Title: Integrated Analysis of Data from Array-Based Experiments in Cancer
Thursday, November 15th
Speaker: Dr. Jane Fridlyand, Comprehensive Cancer Center, UCSF
Title: Applications of re-sampling methods to cluster analysis
Thursday, November 22nd
Thanksgiving holiday
Thursday, November 29th
Speaker: Dr. Barbara Dunn, Department of Biochemistry, Stanford University
Title: Yeast Genetic Footprinting: Exploring the Effects of Gene Inactivation on a Genome-Wide Scale
Thursday, December 6th
Speaker: Dr. Audrey Gasch and Alan Moses, Eisen Lab, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Title: Identifying sequence motifs involved in the regulation of gene expression in yeast


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