About me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Statistics Department at UC Berkeley. My research centers on methodology for causal inference in observational studies. I develop new ways to form matched comparison groups in large observational datasets using approaches from discrete optimization. These tools allow transparent and interpretable inferences about the effects of interventions, and provide opportunities to study the impact of potential unobserved confounding variables. I am also interested in applying these methods in health services research, public policy, and the social sciences.




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Statistical Methodology

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Statistical Applications

Kuzniewicz, M.W., Campbell, C.I., Li, S., Walsh, E.M., Croen, L.A., Comer, S.D., Pimentel, S.D., Hedderson, M. and Sun, L.S. (2022). Accuracy of diagnostic codes for prenatal opioid exposure and neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome . Journal of Perinatology, 1-7.

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Software for Statistics and Data Visualization

Pimentel, S.D. (2016). Large, sparse optimal matching with R package rcbalance. Observational Studies, 2, 4-23.

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