Fri 2 Dec Technology III: DCOM and R
Technology III: Notes on DCOM and R
Wed 30 Nov Technology II: Gtk and R an example
Technology II: Gtk and R an example ctd
Gtk and R an example ctd.
Mon 28 Nov Technology I: CGI with R
Mon 21 Nov Example of generating a dynamic report from a template
Simple sample template
Fri 18 Nov Introduction to final project
Wed 16 Nov Example of Handlers
Mon 14 Nov The DOM: an example
The xml file
Wed 9 Nov Introduction to XML
Mon 7 Nov Queries with Multiple Tables
Fri 4 Nov Recursion
Wed 2 Nov The Select statement in SQL
Using SQL from R
Mon 31 Oct Introduction to Databases
Wed 26 Oct Advanced programming in R
Mon 24 Oct Profiling R code
Fri 21 Oct R-code Dirty dozen
Solutions to the Three Examples
Wed 19 Oct More on Regular Expression
Three Examples
Mon 17 Oct Introduction to Regular Expression
Fri 14 Oct Prior students graphics work
Wed 12 Oct Example R functions for accepatance/rejection and inverse CDF sampling
Mon 3 Oct Functions and Simulation
Fri 30 Sep Maps, Color, other graphics
Wed 28 Sep Grammar of Graphics
Mon 26 Sep Advanced Plotting
Fri 23 Sep Wainer's Dirty Dozen
Wed 21 Sep Improving on a plot
Iterative approach to plotting
Mon 19 Sep Shell Commands
Fri 16 Sep
Wed 14 Sep Arrays and the apply function
Mon 12 Sep Data Types and Structures in R
Fri 9 Sep From bits to PDF files
Wed 7 Sep Data Structures in R - vectors
Fri 2 Sep Introductory R session
Code to introductory R session
Wed 31 Aug Computations and Variables
Mon 29 Aug Introduction

Class Notes by
Deborah Nolan and Duncan Temple Lang