Recent talks by Elchanan Mossel

Here are some recent talks I gave - I hope to link the the corresponding file in the near future.

Isoperimetry in Gaussian Space
(Hebrew University Colloq., June 2012.)

On Reverse Hyper Contraction
(Tel-Aviv University Probability Seminar June 11, Penn Nov 11, Newton Institute Mar 11)

Stochastic Block Models and Reconstruction
(Weizmann Institute Probability Seminar, Huji Combinatorics Seminar, May 2012)

A Robust Isoperimetric theorem in Gaussian Space
(Phenomena in high dimension and statistical physics, Technion, May 2012)

A Quantitative Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem without Neutrality
(Huji Combinatorics Seminar, May 2012)

Stochastic Models of Social and Economics Networks
(Chicago Statistics, May 2012; UBC Mar 2012)

Non-linear Invariance and Applications

(UBC, Mar 2012, ANU, Feb 2012 ; Penn Nov 11)

Interacting Probability Experts on Networks including video
(MSRI, Feb 2012; Innovation in Algorithmic Game Theory, May 11)

5 Lectures - Winter School on Discrete Fourier Analysis
(Paris, Jan 2012)

Phylogenetic Inference: some big questions and little answers
(IPAM, Nov 2011) 

Recent Progress in Combinatorial Statistics
Penn Nov 11)

Optimal Gaussian Partitions with a video
(MSRI, Nov 11)

Tests of Deviation from Dictatorship (audio)
(Field Institute, June 11)

Learning on Social Networks
(ISI Delhi, May 11, ITA Feb 11, MSR Sep 2010)

Quantitative Arrow Theorem 
(Davis, Berkeley ; Mar 11, Technion May 11, Berkeley Mar 201, MSR Sep 2009, Mitag-Lefler May 2009, Huji Apr 2009)

Lecture Series on Reconstruction of Markov Processes and Networks in Phylogenetics and Genetics (Mar 11, Singapore)
Lectures1-2 Lectures3-4 Lecture5

The Geometry of Manipulation - a Quantitative Gibbard-Satterthwaite theorem with Neutrality
(Huji Jan 2010, MIT Sep 2009)

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