Statistics 244

Spring 2011


Guidelines for Assignments


  1. Assignment 1 (in PDF) due Feb 11, 2011
  2. Assignment 2 (in PDF) due Mar 16, 2011
  3. Assignment 3 (in PDF) due Apr 15, 2011
  4. Assignment 4 (in PDF) due May 13, 2011

Programs from Monday, April 18

myanova1.r  anovabig.r  agg1.c

Instructions for Accessing the SCF Remotely

Using the snowfall library at the SCF

Dynamic Graphics in R (pdf) (html)

More detailed notes on GUIs in R

Applied Statistics Algorithm 154: Kalman filter

Applied Statistics Algorithm 197: Minard's algorithm for ARMA likelihood

Programs for using as154 in R - You can use these programs to make sure you are evaluating the ARMA likelihood correctly.

Scan of Numerical Recipes in C: N-M Simplex and Powell's method

Scan of Numerical Recipes in C amoeba routine (complete)

A Short Note(pdf) on creating the rows of the X matrix necessary for performing ANOVA

Header file timer.h, which will print the execution time for selected segments of C programs

Sample programs

Annotated btree routines (pdf)

Applied Statistics routines

Numerical Recipes routines

An Introduction to R (pdf)

Slides for my Summer SAS Course

Slides for a short course in R

Some WWW Resources

Examples of various widgets using the tcltk library of R

Information about Free Software for Numerical Computation

Frequently Asked Questions from comp.lang.c

An Excellent Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C by Ted Jensen

Some Xlisp-stat Resources

AT&T's Trellis Graphics Site

Phil Spector (link to my home page)