Statistics 243

Fall 2010

Syllabus and Guidelines for Assignments


  1. Assignment 1 (in PDF) due Oct 4, 2010
  2. Assignment 2 (in PDF) due Nov 8, 2010
  3. Assignment 3 (in PDF) due Dec 3, 2010
  4. Assignment 4 (in PDF) due Dec 10, 2010
Programs from class 12/03: mg.c testdl.c fn.c sim.r

Connecting to the SCF System Remotely

An Introduction to R

Using the R Standalone Math Library

Calling C from R and Matlab (pdf)

Examples of calling C from R and Matlab (gzipped tar file)

C programs for domat example from 12/1 class

findnr example from class, 11/12

Debugging and Profiling R programs (slides)

Building R Packages (slides)

Slides for a more detailed introductory course to R

Data and Paper demonstrating Jacobean and residual computation for nonlinear regression

A Note about Subroutine Libraries

The basics of the bash shell html pdf

Sample programs

UNIX Supplement

C Supplement

Some WWW Resources (from Stat 296)

Using C programs in matlab

C program to calculate probabilities from Kolmogorov-Smirnoff test

A Tutorial on Make (in postscript)

The Perils of Floating Point, by Bruce M. Bush. Uses FORTRAN examples, but well worth reading.

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know about Floating Point Arithmetic, by David Goldberg. Similar to Bush's paper, but with a bit more detail.

Fixing the Backspace Key in emacs

Information about Free Software for Numerical Computation

Frequently Asked Questions from comp.lang.c

An Excellent Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C by Ted Jensen

C Library Reference Guide, by Eric Huss

A Proof of the Rejection Technique (postscript) (PDF)

A Note about using the Cholesky Decomposition for transforming random variables (postscript) (PDF)

Random Number Generators

George Marsaglia's "Mother of all RNGs" (C code with comments)
Example of a Cryptographic Random Number Generator
Using a Lava Lamp to Generate Random Numbers
A USB or PCI device to generate true random numbers
Phil Spector (link to my home page)