Winston Lin

Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistics and Data Science, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Ph.D., Statistics, UC Berkeley, 2013


Research Transparency

Standard Operating Procedures: A Safety Net for Pre-Analysis Plans
Winston Lin and Donald P. Green
with a foreword by Eric S. Dickson
PS: Political Science and Politics 49 (3): 495–499 (July 2016)

Causal Inference

Optimal Allocation of Interviews to Baseline and Endline Surveys in Place-Based Randomized Trials and Quasi-Experiments
Donald P. Green, Winston Lin, and Claudia Gerber
Evaluation Review (August 2018)

Understanding Causal Distributional and Subgroup Effects with the Instrumental Propensity Score
Jing Cheng and Winston Lin
American Journal of Epidemiology (March 2018)

A "Placement of Death" Approach for Studies of Treatment Effects on ICU Length of Stay
Winston Lin, Scott D. Halpern, Meeta Prasad Kerlin, and Dylan S. Small
Statistical Methods in Medical Research (February 2017)
[published version] [authors' accepted manuscript]

A Note on Close Elections and Regression Analysis of the Party Incumbency Advantage
P. M. Aronow, David R. Mayhew, and Winston Lin
Statistics, Politics and Policy (December 2014)

Comments on "Covariance Adjustments for the Analysis of Randomized Field Experiments"
Winston Lin
Evaluation Review (October 2014)
[published version] [author's accepted manuscript]

Agnostic Notes on Regression Adjustments to Experimental Data:
Reexamining Freedman's Critique

Winston Lin
Annals of Applied Statistics (March 2013)
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Social Program Evaluation

How Effective Are Radio Messages Aimed at Reducing Teen Births Among Latinas?
A Randomized Controlled Trial

Donald P. Green, Adam Zelizer, and Winston Lin
Population Research and Policy Review (online May 2020)
[paper] [pre-analysis plan]

Family Options Study:
Short-Term Impacts of Housing and Services Interventions for Homeless Families

Daniel Gubits, Marybeth Shinn, Stephen Bell, Michelle Wood, Samuel Dastrup, Claudia D. Solari, Scott R. Brown, Steven Brown, Lauren Dunton, Winston Lin, Debi McInnis, Jason Rodriguez, Galen Savidge, and Brooke E. Spellman
Abt Associates report for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (2015)

BOND Implementation and Evaluation:
First- and Second-Year Snapshot of Earnings and Benefit Impacts for Stage 2

Daniel Gubits, Winston Lin, Stephen Bell, and David Judkins
Abt Associates report for the Social Security Administration (2014)

When Financial Incentives Encourage Work:
Complete 18-Month Findings from the Self-Sufficiency Project

Winston Lin, Philip K. Robins, David Card, Kristen Harknett, and Susanna Lui-Gurr
with Elsie C. Pan, Tod Mijanovich, Gail Quets, and Patrick Villeneuve
Social Research and Demonstration Corporation report (1998)

Do Work Incentives Have Unintended Consequences?
Measuring "Entry Effects" in the Self-Sufficiency Project

Gordon Berlin, Wendy Bancroft, David Card, Winston Lin, and Philip K. Robins
Social Research and Demonstration Corporation report (1998)

How Important Are "Entry Effects" in Financial Incentive Programs for Welfare Recipients?
Experimental Evidence from the Self-Sufficiency Project

David Card, Philip K. Robins, and Winston Lin
Social Research and Demonstration Corporation working paper (1997)
[NBER version]

The Benefits and Costs of JTPA Title II-A Programs:
Key Findings from the National Job Training Partnership Act Study

Howard S. Bloom, Larry L. Orr, Stephen H. Bell, George Cave, Fred Doolittle, Winston Lin,
and Johannes M. Bos
Journal of Human Resources (Summer 1997)

Does Training for the Disadvantaged Work?
Evidence from the National JTPA Study

Larry L. Orr, Howard S. Bloom, Stephen H. Bell, Fred Doolittle, Winston Lin, and George Cave
with Hans Bos, Neelima Grover, Michelle Wood, Robert Kornfeld, and Aniruddha Bonnerjee
Urban Institute Press book (1996)

The GAIN Evaluation:
Five-Year Impacts on Employment, Earnings, and AFDC Receipt

Stephen Freedman, Daniel Friedlander, Winston Lin, and Amanda Schweder
MDRC working paper (1996)

MFIP: An Early Report on Minnesota's Approach to Welfare Reform
Virginia W. Knox, Amy Brown, and Winston Lin
MDRC report (1995)

Using Data on Applicants to Training Programs to Measure the Program's Effect on Earnings
Glen Cain, Stephen Bell, Larry Orr, and Winston Lin
Institute for Research on Poverty working paper (1993)

The National JTPA Study:
Title II-A Impacts on Earnings and Employment at 18 Months

Howard S. Bloom, Larry L. Orr, George Cave, Stephen H. Bell, and Fred Doolittle
with Winston Lin, Johannes Bos, Cyril Toussaint, and Robert Kornfeld
(I wrote Appendices D and G on the statistical and econometric methods.)
Abt Associates report (1993)

Natural Language Processing

Bootstrapped Learning of Semantic Classes from Positive and Negative Examples
Winston Lin, Roman Yangarber, and Ralph Grishman
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Machine Learning:
Workshop on the Continuum from Labeled to Unlabeled Data in Machine Learning and Data Mining (2003)

Unsupervised Learning of Generalized Names
Roman Yangarber, Winston Lin, and Ralph Grishman
Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (2002)


Improved Outcomes Using Laparoscopy for Emergency Colectomy After Mitigating Bias by Negative Control Exposure Analysis
George C. Linderman, Winston Lin, Mansi R. Sanghvi, Robert D. Becher, Adrian A. Maung, Bishwajit Bhattacharya, Kimberly A. Davis, and Kevin M. Schuster
Surgery (February 2022)

Increased Mortality with Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta Only Mitigated by Strong Unmeasured Confounding:
An Expanded Analysis Using the National Trauma Data Bank

George C. Linderman, Winston Lin, Robert D. Becher, Adrian A. Maung, Bishwajit Bhattacharya, Kimberly A. Davis, and Kevin M. Schuster
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery (November 2021)