US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for VIGRE Graduate Traineeships. Support includes full tuition and fees, a stipend to cover living expenses, and funds to attend summer research conferences. Graduate students are supported entirely by a fellowship during the first year and by a mix of teaching and research funding thereafter. All eligible applicants for admission will be automatically considered for VIGRE support, so there is no need to apply specially.

Summer Bootstrap Camp

In the summer of 2006 we held our very first Summer Bootstrap Camp! Some materials from the camp can be viewed here.

Travel Support

A feature of the VIGRE graduate traineeship program is to provide travel funds for VIGRE graduate students to attend professional meetings that are relevant to their areas of research.

Reports from past recipients: If you are a Statistics PhD student who has been awarded a VIGRE fellowship, you can request travel funds by completing the application process. A description of the application procedure and form can be found on the department's main web page. [link]

VIGRE Activities

Graduate students take part in many VIGRE activities.