Summer Bootstrap Camp

In the summer of 2006 we held our very first Summer Bootstrap Camp. It is a two week program for incoming Ph.D. students with the following goals:
  1. Orient new students to department facilities.
  2. Introduce students to faculty research areas.
  3. Review background material for first year courses.
  4. Hold advising sessions to set first semester course plan.
  5. Begin training in teaching at Berkeley.
  6. Provide opportunities for the in-coming class to meet each other and to meet senior students.
Details from the past summer, including schedule and materials, are available here:

Berkeley High School

Graduate students and faculty organize tutoring and help undergraduates prepare fun classroom activities to help high school students in the local schools learn fundamental statistical concepts.

Summer Statistics Program

Several of our graduate students help with the UCLA Summer Statistics Program for undergraduates as instructors. The seven day workshop is designed so that students get a sense of how statisticians approach large, complex problems. Importantly, students also get a chance to work with some of the data. In the process, students will gain a basic understanding of computing and visualization tools.

Cal Day

Cal Day is the annual open house event for the UC Berkeley campus and the Statistics Department. Undergraduate and graduate students work together with postdocs and faculty to prepare exciting and informative demonstrations for the general community. We get many visitors from young to old and from far and near.