In 2002 the National Science Foundation awarded the Department of Statistics a VIGRE grant. VIGRE supports:

  • postdoctoral associate positions with enhanced opportunities for research
  • graduate research traineeships
  • research experiences for undergraduates.

VIGRE at Berkeley Statistics

Aims of our program are to:

  • integrate research with educational activities
  • enhance interaction among undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty members
  • broaden the educational experiences of our students and postdoctoral associates, helping to prepare them for a wide range of career opportunities
  • inspire greater numbers of students to pursue an education in probability and statistics

The program contains several integrated components. Innovations at the undergraduate level include curriculum reform, research seminars, and research experiences for undergraduates. The graduate student component includes education, mentored teaching experiences, research, and broadening components aimed at training graduate students to interact in interdisciplinary environments. The postdoctoral component includes mentored research and teaching experiences.