Workshop: Integrating Computing in the Statistics Curricula

Date: July 30 & 31, 2010 preceding the 2010 JSM

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Registration: There is no registration fee, but space is limited and pre-registration is required.

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Computing is becoming an increasingly important component of both applied and theoretical statistics. Changes in technologies are likely to change the nature of statistical activity significantly in the future. Computing is becoming as important as mathematics for students and practitioners alike. However, computing occupies a remarkably small part of the statistics curriculum. This is a situation that requires rapid attention and change to modernize our curricula. We need to both

To this end, we will hold a 2-day NSF-funded "workshop" aimed at encouraging and facilitating the integration of computing into the statistics curricula and individual statistics courses.

The goal is to help instructors to teach modern courses in computing with data. This involves

The workshop will be a blend of discussion about pedagogy related to statistical computing and explicit "lectures" and hands-on activities in modern topics such as data technologies and accessing data from different sources. A more comprehensive description of the topics is available.

We will focus on R as the computing language, but the general topics will transcend these specific details and apply to other languages such as MATLAB or SAS.

Our primary focus will be on computing for upper division undergraduate courses. However, according to interest, we will cover more advanced topics that might appear in ambitious undergraduate classes or graduate level classes. See the description of topics.


This is the second workshop for instructors and the fourth workshop of the NSF-funded project "Computing in the Statistics Curriculum".

Subject to final approval, this workshop will be supported in part by the National Science Foundation grant DUE 0618865.

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