Fall 2022 Seminar








This is the homepage for the UC Berkeley Student Probability Seminar, a venue for graduate students in the departments of mathematics, statistics, and others to study aspects of modern probability theory. We meet on Wednesdays in Evans 891 from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Organizers: Ella Hiesmayr and Adam Quinn Jaffe.

The topic for this semester's seminar is the large deviations on random graphs. Near the beginning of the semester we will primarily follow standard sources on classical large deviations theory, like Dembo and Zeitouni [DZ] and den Hollander [dH], and in the middle of the semester we will follow some standard texts on random graphs and graph limits like Lovasz [L]. Our general structure will follow the textbook by Chatterjee [C]. The list of talks and abstracts can be found below.

The remainder of the talks were canceled in solidarity with the academic workers' strike over contract negotiations. Thanks for the great semester, everyone!