STAT 157: Seminar: From Undergraduate Probability Theory to the Real World

This is a collection of online resources which may be helpful in choosing a project.

My pages

List of possible course projects

List of non-technical books on probability

Links to miscellaneous papers that caught my eye.

List of previous student projects.

Selected student project write-ups

List of past student "reading project" talks.

Other undergraduate research projects I have supervised.

Cover page to my Probability in the Real World project. This leads to a rather disorganized collection of pages which partly overlap the STAT 157 material.

Data from in-class surveys.

Outside links

Try a Google Scholar search on "probability and X" where X is some topic you're interested in.

Understanding Uncertainty is a web site under development with interesting material.

Chance News discusses items from current news relating to statistics and probability.

Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports has lots of interesting papers.

The campus Library Data Lab has a lot of census and economic type data.