STAT 157 (2016) : Schedule of student reading/talk projects

I've done minor edits to some titles, for clarity. You can change topics if you wish, but keep the same time slot.

Look at the reading projects paragraph on this page. In particular you have a 6 minute slot, allowing time to change speakers. If you have a handout, email to me the day before your talk, and I will make copies.

Wednesday 10 February

Wednesday 17 February

Monday 22 February


STAT 157 (2014) : Schedule of student reading/talk projects

Wednesday 24 September

Monday 29 September
Wednesday 1 October

STAT 157 (2011) : Schedule of student reading/talk projects

Thursday 15 September
Tuesday 20 September
Thursday 22 September

STAT 157 (2008) : Schedule of student reading/talk projects

Note: I am asking students to "grade" the talks given in the class before the class when they give their own talk (except, of course, the last day's talks need to be graded by the first day's speakers). Pick up a "grade sheet" when you enter the room.

Monday September 29

Timothy Wong: The hot hand in basketball.
Rami Totari : Card counting.
Hing Lun So : "Gambler's fallacy" versus "hot hand".
Steven Lea: Any Given Sunday.
Jeff Gonda : Probability of winning a football game.
Aaron Solomon : Sabermetrics and Moneyball.
David Klein : Modeling Run Scoring in Baseball.
Irvin Liu : Do Clutch Performances in Sports Exist?
Ryan Chang : Roulette.
Christ Lin : Poker -- long-run Expected Value, Pot Odds, etc.

Wednesday October 1

Anshul Shah: Black Swans.
Aneesh Kadakia: Black Swans.
Nicki Wells: How connected are we?
Jack Andrzejewski : "Did you mean: How accurate is Wikipedia?"
Samuel Li : Fighting or Bargaining?
Dandan Zhang: Little Things and Big Differences.
Deviyani Gurung: the paper ``Visual Analysis of Large Heterogenous Social Networks by Semantic and Structural Abstraction".
Janet Luo: Hidden Markov modeling in speech recognition.
Nathan Lorenzen: Super Crunchers: statistics and neural network programming.
Sean Tsai : NBA power ranking.

Friday October 3

Wing Yip Fung: How long are you going to live?
Laura Williams: Probabilities of Cancer and their Expected Survival Rates.
Shan Shan Hou: How risk affects your everyday life.
Alec Kennedy : Following an Epidemic.
Joyce Wong : The Correlation between Birth and Death.
Jerry Wang : Why statistics has a growing importance in drinking games.
Ankur Bhatia : Probability Matching: Leaving With Your Coat and Unintuitive Guessing.
Bernard Niu : Queuing theory and how it relates to buses running on schedule.
Danny Chia: Odds in Mahjong.

Monday October 6

Lilei Yuan: Fortune's Formula.
Madeleine McCarthy : Modern Portfolio Theory.
Allen Ly : Gravity model for trade/finance.
JingZhuo-Kyle Jiang : Irrational stock prices compare to the company's earnings.
Li Ma : How to choose the Smallest Number Using Game Theory Mixed Strategy.
Yingching Yip : Lottery - is there an expected number? or is it biased?
Le Yin : Prolonged Life-Sleeping Beauty's Probability Parodoxes.
Andrew Duong: Psychology of the Monty Hall Problem.
Shirley Liu: The Two-Envelope Paradox.
Tianqi Zhu : Parrondo's Paradox.