Reviews of non-technical books relating to Probability

These reviews were originally created for my course Probability and the Real World but may be of wider interest. Suggestions for additional books are welcome. Of course there are many books on "mathematics in general" or "statistics in general", but the list concentrates more specifically on probability. Many of these reviews can be seen here on amazon. Here is a quite separate list of my published reviews of technical monographs.

I have a copy of each book, except those marked (*), many of which someone has borrowed and not returned. Grrrrrrrrr

The links at the category names go to my reviews of the books. Within each category, books are ordered according to some combination of suitability for STAT 157 students, suitability for the general reader, and my personal preferences. A few good books are listed in two categories.

Here is a short article (from 2010) giving some reflections on all this material, and here are some similar thoughts from the editor of MAA Reviews. Note that a partly overlapping set of reviews, but more focused on infroductory textbooks, can be found at MAA Reviews.

Popular Science style general accounts

Sports and Gaming

Stock Market and Finance

Risks (Individuals)

Risks (Society, General)

Risks (Future)

Everyday Life


The Fermi Paradox

Society and Social Networks

Psychology of Probability

Philosophy of Probability

Textbooks Lite

Science Topics

Game Theory

Theology and Metaphysics

History of Probability