Lists of student course projects




Finance and economics

Human society

Data and prediction

Science topics

Probability models


Sports and Games

Finance, business

Human society




Finance/economic prediction



Physical sciences




Timothy Wong: Probability and the NBA Draft Lottery.
Steven Lea: Tanking in sports.
Wing Yip Fung : Probability on Bowling scoring.
Irwin Liu : NBA Conspiracy Theory.
Andrew Duong: Bias in Olympic scoring?
Kai-An Tsai : NBA Home Court Advantage.
Ankur Bhatia : Greyhound Racing Place Probabilities.
Rami Totari : Bowl Championship Series (BCS).
Jeff Gonda : NFL and NCAA football point spread analysis.
Aaron Solomon ; Beer Pong: The What, How and Why.
Dandan Zhang: Betting on soccer.
Anshul Shah : The Study of Prediction Markets.
David Klein: Statistical analysis of baseball prediction markets.


Shan Shan Hou and Allen Ly : Stock Market.
Joyce Wong : Examining the stock market using the random walk model.
Lilei Yuan and Le Yin : Kelley Strategy and Its Efficiency.
Ryan Chang and Tianqi Zhu and Chris Lin : Credit Risk Management.
Ying Yip and JingZhuo-Kyle Jiang : Six Sigma.


Alec Kennedy : Predicting Box Office Success
Nate Lorenzen: Movie critics and their ratings.
Nicki Wells : Likeminded Movie Opinions.


Aneesh Kadakia: Election Result Predictor models.
Laura Williams : The Bradley effect.


Deviyani Gurung: Structure of networks.
Hing Lun (Steven) So and Samuel Li : Psychology of probability.
Shirley Liu and Janet Luo and Jerry Wang : Chinese-Character Input system.
Li Ma : Choosing the Smallest Number.
Bernard Niu and Maddie McCarthy and Danny Chia: Truth or Myth: Planes are always late! (A Statistical Analysis of Flight Delays).
Jack Andrzejewski : Environmental Actuaries: The Probability of Tree Survival.



Jonathan Lee: NCAA final four: predictable or random?
Andrew Park: The 2006 NCAA basketball tournament: predictions, results and statistical factors.
Dennis Moy: Luck in major league baseball playoffs.
Gloria Wu and Lei Zhang: Predicting NBA basketball results.
Tommy Lu and Angela Zhang: Strategies in fantasy NBA basketball.
Ming Wu: Randomness within soccer games.


Sonah Kang: Risk - cancer.
Jennifer Cheng and Wing Tam: Risk of infant mortality.
Jason Yim: Asteroids: risk in perspective.

Simulation studies

Tammy Lee: Simulation of artificial ant networks.
Omar Jabri and Kent Wong: Self-organized criticality: simulation and application.
Itamar Landau. The evolution of cooperation:the spatial public goods game.
J. Chris Campbell: Adaptive strategies for the Swedish Lottery game.

Psychology and probability

Rosanna Li: The psychology of luck.
Jennifer Huang and Christine Lin and Michael Tsang: A "finding money" experiment.
Rose Cendak and Rebecca Graff: Risk aversion in games of chance.

Stock market

Timothy Wu: Monte Carlo simulation in option pricing and risk management.
Chris Chow and Kevin Li: Predicting the S&P 500.
Jiho Han: Time-variant CAPM: learning about factor loading.


Nicholas Gowdy: Beliefs, actions and philosophy: an examination of philosophy through statistics.
Ricky Sun: Risk modelling and decision making trees.
Fayd Shelley: Collaboration graphs.
Arpine Paltajian: Can you mix business cards by shaking a box?
Bao Nguyen and Alex Young: Predicting box office receipts.
Ivy Lin: Does astrology work?
Anastasiya Denisova and Denis Lankin: Life in the Universe.