Concepts in Computing with Data

Statistics 133, Spring 2011

I've assembled the class notes into a 350 page pdf document. You can download it here.

Contact Information

Instructor: Phil Spector
Office: Evans 495
Office Hours: MWF 10-12 TuTh 2-5

Final Review Outline
Last year's final (pdf)

The final will be held in our regular classroom (150 GSPP) on Tuesday, May 10 from 11:30-2:30PM (although I don't anticipate anyone needing all three hours.) Like the midterm, it will be closed book with no notes or computer. Please bring a blue book to the exam.

Assignments 5 (due April 29) and 6 (due May 6) are available on the Homework page.

Midterm Answers and Grading Information

Valentine's Day Heart program
You can type source("") to run the program.

About this Course

The goal of this course is to introduce you to a variety of programs and technologies that are useful for organizing, manipulating and visualizing data. This includes the R statistical computing language, the SQL language for working with databases, XML, the Document Object Model and Common Gateway Interface (CGI) used by webservers and browsers.

Rather than concentrate on formulas and how they are computed, we'll use existing software to explore a variety of statistical problems concerning text and/or numbers, both numerically and graphically. Students are encouraged to download and install some of the software that we'll be using to their own computers.

There are no prerequisites for the course, but students are expected to spend time thinking about the problems that are presented in the course, and to explore the software that we'll be using to solve those problems.


Grading will be based on 6 homework assignments (10% each), a midterm exam (20%) , and a final exam (20%).

Computers for Remote Access

If you are accessing the SCF remotely, use a computer name of the form, where the NN stands for a number from 01 to 27, for example . Once you are logged in, the command
stathosts public
will show you the names of additional computers that you can access remotely. (You may need to add "" to the end of the computer name.)