Local weak convergence of random graphs and networks

These are slides and related papers for my lectures in the "Probability at Warwick" Young Researchers Workshop, July 2009.


The Objective Method: Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization and Local Weak Convergence. [Aldous-Steele]
Asymptotic fringe distributions for general families of random trees. [Aldous]
A Survey of Max-type Recursive Distributional Equations. [Aldous-Bandyopadhyay]
Processes on Unimodular Random Networks. [Aldous-Lyons]
The zeta(2) Limit in the Random Assignment Problem. [Aldous]
Cost-volume relationships for flows through a disordered network. [Aldous]
A Tractable Complex Network Model based on the Stochastic Mean-field Model of Distance. [Aldous]
Recurrence of distributional limits of finite planar graphs. [Benjamini-Schramm]
Asymptotic Enumeration of Spanning Trees, [Lyons]
Counting without sampling. New algorithms for enumeration problems using statistical physics. [Banyopadhyay-Gamarnik]
Local limit of labeled trees and expected volume growth in a random quadrangulation. [Chassaing-Durhuus]

See also slides from talks by Antar Bandyopadhyay