References to chance in micro-blogs

A set of 218 instances was collected by Weijian (James) Han in August 2012. He writes
I found the majority of these sentences by searching on micro-blogs sites such as Twitter. Compared to blog entries, micro-blogs tend to be more personal but include less information to qualify the statement regarding chance. I searched for keywords such as "probability", "likelihood", and "fortunate" as well as phrases like "what are the odds" and "the chance of".
Here is the entire list. It is challenging to decide how to categorize these instances, and on linked pages I present two different categorizations, showing representative examples from each category, and the percentage in each category. The percentages are undoubtedly strongly affected by the choice of particular words and phrases that were searched upon, so are not claimed to be statistically representative of the universe of references to chance in micro-blogs.

The first categorization is relation to writer, based on distinguishing future events from past events, and on distinguishing events with direct personal involvement of the writer from more distant events which are simply of interest to the writer.

The second categorization is by topic. This is more similar to the categorizations of instances found in Bing searches and in personal blogs. It is interesting to what these different sources of data reveal about the question "how do people think about chance in everyday life?"