References to chance in micro-blogs -- Examples by relation to writer

As noted on the cover page, this categorization is based on distinguishing future events from past events, and on distinguishing events with direct personal involvement of the writer from more distant events which are simply of interest to the writer. The percentages below add up to 92%; the other instances were in smaller categories or uncategorizable. Here is the entire list in this categorization.

Past -- personal luck (9%)

Events of direct personal relevance that the writer explicitly or implicitly views lucky or unlucky.

Past -- personal coincidences (9%)

Events experienced personally by the writer and noted as coincidence. Those regarded as lucky I assigned to the previous category.

Past -- impersonal coincidences (3%)

Typically from the news or sport or history.

Past -- chance events concerning other people (3%)

Such references are quite rare.

Ongoing state of affairs (5%)

Typically signalled by the word fortunate.

Future -- specific events directly relevant to writer (21%)

Unsurprisingly, this is the largest category.

Future events involving people but not specific to writer (8%)

Future impersonal events (4%)

The weather, the economy, etc.

Future - the writer's volition (9%)

It may be surprising that matters concerning future decisions by the writer are often expressed in chance terms.

Hypothetical possibilities for writer (3%)

Philosophical thoughts? (15%)

Here lies a spectrum of (more or less successful attempts at) humor or everyday philosophy.

Uncertainty about facts (3%)