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In general, I'm not a fan of blogs. What you're thinking today, or your reactions to current events, or debating with commentators, should be as transient as a conversation; what you write for a permanent public record should be better thought out.

As it happens there seem to be no individual blogs on the kind of ``probability in the mathematical sciences" or ``probability in the real world" topics that interest me. Perhaps closest (and excellent food for thought) are the more statistical

These brief writings of mine are instead intended as permanent "food for thought", on topics such as the mathematics research profession in general, and uses of probability in particular. The overall style is similar to J. Michael Steele's Semi-Random Rants. The ones on this page are not published anywhere but here, except as noted.

Because it's not a blog, you can't leave comments, but if you know of (or write yourself) online essays where the same idea is expressed better, or where an opposing idea is argued, please do email me the links.

Published on medium.com

Argumentative essays

Some of the topics are related to topics in the Probability in the Real World project, but should not be regarded as representative of that whole project.

David's Musings, published in Bernoulli News

Brief thoughts regarding mathematics

These are a collection of thoughts that have occured to me over a career in mathematics. They are intended to be somewhere on the spectrum from serious to the opposite of serious (= humorous or frivolous or wry or quixotic?) and the reader can decide where to place them on such a spectrum.

I attempt to phrase each thought in a crisp sentence or two, and then add a commentary.

Thoughts like these undoubtedly occur to every mathematician, so no particular originality is claimed. Where I consciously borrow from another source I quote it, and what I perceive as ``commonplace" is labeled as such.

Blog-like comments on current events