Phil Spector

Our friend and colleague Phil Spector passed away on 15 January 2020, at home and surrounded by friends. Phil was a generous, quick-witted wine officianado who also loved professional wrestling, music, and helping people. He was also greatly amused that one of his own photos used to be a top internet search result for the word "beard". We hope you continue to find these materials enlightening.

Welcome to Phil Spector's Home Page

My name is Phil Spector and I used to be the Applications Manager and Software Consultant for the Statistical Computing Facility in the Department of Statistics at University of California at Berkeley. I was also an Adjunct Professor in the Statistics department, where I taught courses in Statistical Computing.

I started at UC Berkeley in 1987. Before that, I was a Senior Research Statistician at SAS Institute for four years, right after receiving my Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. In my deeper past, I've been a high school teacher and an analytical chemist. (Feel free to look at my resume if you'd like to know the details.)

Some UNIX and Statistical Stuff


The following are slides for tutorials I've taught, stored in either compressed PostScript files, or pdf files.
PERL5 Postscript PDF
Python PDF
LaTeX2e Postscript PDF
LaTeX Postscript
Matlab PDF
CGI Programming PDF
Slides from my presentation "Arrays from A to Z" at the Bay Area SAS User's Group (March 9, 1999)
Postscript PDF

UNIX Articles

These are articles I've written for the Statistical Computing and Graphics Newsletter, stored in PostScript files.

An Introduction to S and S-Plus

Here is some information about a book I've written, published in 1994 by Duxbury Press.

Data Manipulation with R

Here is some information about a book I've written, published in 2008 by Springer.

Splus articles

These are some short papers I've written about different aspects of Splus.

I've also prepared an introduction to R based on the Splus introduction, along with a more detailed tutorial, similar to the SAS and LaTeX tutorials.

Course Information

Syllabi Course Home Page
Concepts in Computing with Data Statistics 133
Introduction to Statistical Computing Statistics 243
Statistical Computing Statistics 244
Resources for Statistical Computing Statistics 296
Introduction to the SAS System Statistics 100

Some Pictures