Statistics 2: Fall 1997

Instructor:Philip B. Stark. Office Hours

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Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday, 2-3:30pm, 100 Lewis.

Sections meet two hours per week at various times and places.

To add the course, get on the telebears waiting list, and attend the section you would like to be in. No one will be turned away, but you might not get your first choice of sections.

To change sections, attend both the one you're already in and the one you want to change to until you confirm that there is room in the new section and that the registrar has made the change; otherwise, you might be dropped for non-attendance.

Recommended Texts:

Final Exam: Thursday 11 December, 12:30-3:30pm (group 5). No alternate time will be offered. If you can't attend the final, don't take the class. The final is cumulative. Practice materials are available online.

Midterm: There will be one midterm, on Thursday, October 9, during class. No alternate time will be offered; don't ask. Practice materials are available online.

Homework is due at 11:59pm Wedensday the week after it is assigned. No late homework will be accepted, for any reason, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, theft, and your pet's dietary idiosyncrasies. Don't ask. The two lowest homework scores are automatically dropped in computing your grade.

Homework Solutions will be posted in the glass cases in the central corridor on the third floor of Evans Hall after the assignments are due.

Grading is based on the average of homework (dropping the two lowest scores), midterm, and final, with equal weight, or the final by itself, if the final grade is higher. Grades will not be ``curved,'' so you are not in competition with anyone else. It is possible for everyone to make an A (or an F).

Friendly advice for your success and well-being: Do the reading assignment before lectures. You will get more from both the text and the lectures. Try to solve all exercises in each chapter: some show up on exams. Read all exam questions carefully, and take them literally--don't try to second-guess what is meant.

Even though attendence at lectures is not required, and my lecture notes are available online, much goes on in class that is not reflected in the notes (the notes are reminders to me of what to talk about, not a complete transcript of what I say). You will miss it if you don't come to class.

I will occasionally give extra-credit assignments in lecture. Extra credit assignments will not appear in the online notes, and you will have no way to learn about them if you don't come to class.

Outside tutors: the Statistics Department has a list of people who have offered to tutor introductory statistics. The Department cannot vouch for the proficiency of the tutors, and makes no recommendation, but as a service to students, a list is kept. The Student Learning Center also offers extra help in introductory statistics classes.

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