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Concepts in Computing with Data

Statistics 133, Spring 2011

Class Schedule

Jan 19Introduction
Jan 21 Introduction to R
Jan 24 R: Vectors and Matrices
Jan 26 R: Data Frames and Plotting
Jan 28R: Data Frames and Plotting
Jan 31Introduction to UNIX
Feb 02R: Dates, Data Summaries and Functions
Feb 04R: Functions
Feb 07Functions for Working with Characters
Feb 09R: String Manipulation
Feb 11Regular Expressions
Feb 14Regular Expressions
Feb 16Regular Expressions
Feb 18Using Regular Expressions
Feb 23Graphics
Feb 25Graphics Concepts I
Feb 28Graphics Concepts II
Mar 02*Midterm Exam*
Mar 04Graphics and Spread Sheets
Mar 07Spreadsheets and Databases
Mar 09Databases
Mar 11Databases and R
Mar 14Cluster Analysis
Mar 16Cluster Analysis and R
Mar 18Introduction to XML/ XML and R
Mar 28Some Programming Examples
Mar 30Classification Methods
Apr 01Classification Methods
Apr 04Hypothesis Testing, Power, Distributions and Random Numbers
Apr 06t-tests and Simulations
Apr 09Graphical User Interfaces(GUIs)
Apr 11GUIs
Apr 13GUIs and CGI (Web Programming)
Apr 15CGI (Web Programming)
Apr 18 Smoothers
Apr 20 Smoothers
Apr 22 Linear Regression
Apr 25 Analysis of Variance
Apr 27 Analysis of Variance
Apr 29 Analysis of Variance