Stat 21: Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Business Majors: Fall 2012

INSTRUCTOR: Shobhana Murali Stoyanov: Please include your full name AND "Stat 21" in all email to me.

CLASS TIME: TuTh 9:30-11 am, F295 Haas

OFFICE HOURS: MW: 11:10-12:00, and Tuesday 12:40-2; and by appointment, in 325 Evans

TEXT: Statistics , 4th ed., by Freedman, Pisani, and Purves.

GSIs: Office hours TBA. You can go to the office hours of any GSI, not just your own.

SCHEDULE: The course schedule is available here. Please check it frequently, as I will add links of interest and other updates relevant to lecture.
It will be very beneficial to you if you read the indicated chapters before lecture. Of course you should read them after lecture! Don't read the text like a novel. Work through as many exercises as you can, and please work at least the recommended ones.

CLICKERS: Please bring your iClicker to class. We will regularly have clicker questions, usually based on material covered in the previous class, or current lecture. The points are for participation only, and will count toward your grade, and the lowest three days will be dropped. This is to cover the days when you forget your clicker, or your clicker batteries run out etc.
Since you will receive points for attempting to answer, not just for getting the correct answer, you should always give some answer. It does not matter if the answer is wrong.

HOMEWORK: A list of recommended problems for each chapter may be found here. Homework is not to be turned in, but about 60% of the quiz questions will be based on the homework problems. Answers to the homework will be posted in one of the glass cases on the 3rd floor of Evans.

EXAMS: There will be four 50-minute quizzes to be held in section, two 90-minute in-class midterms, and one 3-hour final exam (room to be announced). If you do not take the final, you will not pass the class.
The dates of the tests are: There will be no early or makeup exams.

GRADING: Your grade will be determined as follows: No individual letter grades will be given for midterm, or final. You will get a letter grade for the course that is based on your overall score.

CALCULATOR: You will need one that adds, subtracts, multiplies, divides, takes square roots, raises numbers to a power, and preferably also computes factorials. Statistical calculators are unnecessary. Programmable calculators will not be allowed during exams.