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To add or subtract your name from the appended list of supporters, edit the link to your homepage, or change your email address for communication with The MathSurvey, please send an email message to pitman@stat.Berkeley.EDU with the subject header "MathSurvey Support" and with the top line of the form either

REMOVE Your Name

or, with your new entry in the format

www.your.url    your.login@wherever.what    Your Name

as the case may be. All that is asked of a supporter at this stage is agreement in principle that the MathSurvey is a worthwhile project. But do consider whether you are willing to contribute in any one of the following capacities, either now or in the future, and let the MathSurvey Coordinator or an appropriate MathSurvey Editor know whenever you are:

List of Supporters

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