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Statistics Education:

Statistics Resources:

Evaluation Resources

Software Development Resources:

CONSTATS - Conceptualizing Statistics (a program for investigating probability and statistics)

STEPS - Statistical Education through Problem-Solving (problem-based modules to support
the teaching of statistics in biology, business, geography and psychology)

Integrating Statistics and Models Across the Social Sciences Curricula (Virginia Tech)

DIGSTATS (designed to support the integration of statistics instruction and data visualization into mathematics and science classes)

GASP - Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures (statistical routines available via the internet)

Interesting Java Applets

GAMS - Guide to Available Mathematical Software

Mathematical Programming Glossary

Teacher Resources:

Department of Statistics, Trinity College (internet resources in statistical education)

The Chance Database (materials to help teach introductory probability or statistics)

Math Forum: Collaborative Data Collection Projects

Key Curriculum Press: Census Resources

Cable in the Classroom Online

Student Resources:

SurfStat (online introductory statistics text)

UCLA Statistics Textbook: Statistics: The Study of Stability in Variation

AIC Statistics Tutorial

Statistics to Use (explanations of statistics concepts and some interactive tasks and calculations)

Internet Glossary of Statistical Terms

DAU Stat Refresher (interactive tutorial which gives a comprehensive view of probability and statistics)

CLEO - Collaborative Learning Environments On-Line (studens can exchange, analyze and discuss data with others around the world)

Journals and Periodicals:

Journal of Statistics Education (online articles and data archive)

Statistics Teacher Network (online newsletter)

American Statistical Association, Section on Statistical Education Newsletter

American Demographics Magazine (article text search)

Journal of Statistical Software

Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation

General Resources:

Statistics on the Web (links to statistics resources)

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Statistics

Useful Statistical WWW Sites

Stanford University: Links to Statistics Resources

StatLib (system for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information)

UCLA Statistics Homepage (various statistics resources, services, and archives)

American Statistical Association

Statistical Data Resources:

DASL - Data and Story Library

MSTE Online Data List

U.S. Census Bureau: The Official Statistics

Statistical Data Locators

Evaluation Resources:

Assessment and Evaluation on the Net (ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation)

Introduction to Research and Evaluation

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education

NSU-ITDE Research and Evaluation Lab

National Council on Measurement in Education

American Educational Research Association


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