Datasets in this directory are extracted from the March 1995 Current Population Survey, and describe persons, classical families, families, and households. The table below lists the datasets and their documentation files. For an overview, see data.doc. The next documentation file to read might be pers95.doc.

Data files whose names have a "95p", like pers95p.dat, are available on diskette from W.W. Norton. These files contain data for persons, families, and households in the "Pacific Division", that is, Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Data Files

Data FileDocumentationBrief Description
pers95n.zippers95.docPersons in the Northeast
pers95m.zippers95.docPersons in the Midwest
pers95s.zippers95.docPersons in the South
pers95w.zippers95.docPersons in the West
clas95.zipclas95.docHusband-wife families
fam95.zipfam95.docAll families

W.W. Norton Diskette Files

             pers95p.dat      pers95.doc        Persons
             clas95p.dat      clas95.doc        Husband-wife families
             fam95p.dat       fam95.doc         All families
             house95p.dat     house95.doc       Households

Application Notes

  1. The ".zip" files can be uncompressed using the DOS/WINDOWS utility "pkunzip" or the UNIX utility "unzip".
  2. Files are ASCII text, with one line per record (fields are fixed width, separated by blanks). However, they are in DOS format: each line ends with a carriage-return and line-feed; files end with control-Z. If you want to use these files under UNIX, convert them using the dos2unix utility; otherwise, your software may complain.
  3. Read data.doc.