STAT 134 (P2): Concepts of Probability (3 Units)
Spring 2013, UC Berkeley

Instructor : Prof. Yun S. Song (yss [at] stat [dot] berkeley [dot] edu, 321 Evans Hall)
Office Hours : TuTh 12:30-1 in 321 Evans Hall, F 5-6 in 683 Soda Hall

GSI : Jonathan Terhorst
Sections : M 10-11 (S 201), M 11-12 (S 202) in 334 Evans
Office Hours : W 10-12 in 307 Evans Hall

Reader : Jessie Yanzhu Chen

Lectures : TuTh 11:00--12:30, 60 Evans
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Course Piazza :

Important: Please try to make use of office hours or the Piazza page instead of sending e-mail. If you really need to send us e-mail, please include "STAT 134" in subject line. Otherwise, your e-mail may get ignored.
April 30 FINAL EXAM: You may bring 2 sheets of double-sided, letter-size study notes. No calculators are allowed.
May 2 Solutions to all problem sets are posted in display cases 8-10 on the 3rd floor of Evans Hall. All graded problem sets are available outside Prof. Song's Evans Hall office (321).

Prof. Song will be away the week of May 5th, but the GSI will hold a review session on Thursday, May 9, 11-12:30 in 60 Evans.

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