Publications and preprints

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  1. The Bernoulli clock: probabilistic and combinatorial interpretations of the Bernoulli polynomials by circular convolution (with Jim Pitman)
    (coming soon)
  2. Non-archimedean Schur representations of $\mathrm{GL}(n, R)$ and their invariant lattices (with Antonio Lerario)
    (submitted) [arxiv]
  3. Sampling from $p$-adic algebraic manifolds (with Enis Kaya)
    (submitted) [arxiv] [code]
  4. Tropical invariants for binary quintics and reduction types of Picard curves (with Paul A. Helminck and Enis Kaya)
    (submitted) [arxiv] [code]
  5. Lines on $p$-adic and real cubic surfaces (with Rida Ait El Manssour, Kemal Rose and Enis Kaya)
    (submitted) [arxiv] [code]
  6. Bolytrope orders (with Gabriele Nebe and Mima Stanojkovski)
    To appear in International Journal of Number Theory [arxiv] [journal]
  7. Orders and Polytropes: Matrix Algebras from Valuations (with Marvin A. Hahn, Gabriele Nebe, Mima Stanojkovski and Bernd Sturmfels)
    Beitr├Ąge zur Algebra und Geometrie (2021) [arxiv] [journal] [code]
  8. Valued rank-metric codes (with Marvin A. Hahn, Alessandro Neri and Mima Stanojkovski)
    (submitted) [arxiv]
  9. The Gaussian entropy map in valued fields
    To appear in Algebraic statistics (2022) [arxiv] [journal] [code]
  10. Statistics and tropicalization of local field Gaussian measures (with Ngoc M. Tran) [arxiv]

In preparation

  1. Symmetries of random continuous linear functionals on $p$-adic Banach spaces
    (with Steven N. Evans)