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Title:   Bringing a statistical package to the biologist's fingertips.
An introduction to R (Splus) with applications to microarray analysis.

Speaker: Natalie Roberts

Place:  WEHI Bioinformatics Meeting

Date: Apr. 18, 2000


Many of you will have heard of the statistical package Splus.  There is
also a similar freeware package called "R".  These programs are very
useful for a range of analyses because they are flexible and easily
programed to your specific needs.  But these programs need not be limited
to use by statisticians. 

I will provide tutorial-style handouts of introductory material to be
covered in the first part of the talk.  In addition, I will illustrate how
to use R for the analysis of microarray data. Many of you will be
considering the use of microarray technology in the future.  Once your
image has been analysed and you are given data on each spot, how will you
analyse it?  I will provide examples and advice on appropriate options
available through R.

Although complicated analyses will need guidance from a statistician, many
analyses are relatively simple if you have a tool such as Splus or R at
your fingertips. The use of such programs may also promote a greater
understanding of the analyses you perform. 

No prior knowledge of R or Splus is assumed and only simple statistical
ideas will be covered.

Slides: Download powerpoint files [ppt files]

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