We are a group of researchers studying the statistical analysis of genomic data. A look at this exciting technology from the perspective of a group of statisticians.
  • Why are we doing this? To permit the easy sharing of our ideas with our collaborators and with other statisticians.
  • Why is it important? We think good statistical analysis is the key to getting the best out of this technology. An aim of almost everyone is to measure changes in low abundance transcripts. This immediately puts us at the limits of our analysis capabilities. Also, people ask us which of many possible methods should they use. Sometimes it matters.
  • What has statistics to offer? A tradition of dealing with variability and uncertainty; a framework for devising, studying and comparing approaches to questions whose answers involve data analysis. In statistics we have horses for courses, not one for all weathers. That is why guidance is needed.
  • What are we offering? Our hope is that we can identify simple and reliable solutions to the statistical problems met in day to day microarray data analysis, and refer you to them. Some of these will be our own work; much will be from others. Where possible, we will refer you to other sites.
  • Software The main purpose of this site is not to provide software for analyzing microarray data. Instead, we discuss statistical approaches for dealing with different problems arising in the analysis of microarray data.

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