Sunday May 6, 2007 - Wozniak Lounge, Soda Hall

04:00PM - 05:00PM  Reception
05:00PM - 06:30PM  Mark Hansen, Deborah Nolan,  Duncan Temple Lang Introduction, Background, and Objectives
06:30PM - 08:00PM  Dinner

Monday May 7, 2007 - MSRI

09:00AM - 09:30AM  Overview of Goals
09:30AM - 12:00PM  Thomas Lumley,  Roger Peng
David Banks,  Daniel Kaplan
Technologies for working with data from scientific applications
Concepts, Languages and Environments for Programming with Data
12:00PM - 01:00AM  LUNCH
01:00PM - 03:00PM  Douglas Bates,   Padhraic Smyth
Di Cook,  Leland Wilkinson
Computational Statistics and Numerical Algorithms
Data and Scientific Visualization
03:00PM - 03:30PM  BREAK
03:30PM - 04:15PM  Juan Meza,  Duncan Temple Lang Advanced Computing
04:15PM - 04:30PM  Deb Nolan,  Duncan Temple Lang Curriculum Considerations
04:30PM - 05:30PM  RECEPTION
    06:00PM   Working Group Dinners

Tuesday May 8, 2007 - MSRI

09:00AM - 10:00AM  James Gentle, Jessica Utts Revising the Curriculum
10:00AM - 10:30AM  BREAK
10:30AM - 12:00PM  Group Work
12:00PM - 01:00PM  LUNCH
01:00PM - 03:00PM  Group Reports and Integration
03:00PM - 03:30PM  BREAK
03:30PM - 05:00PM  Strategies for effecting change
07:00PM - 09:30PM  Conference Dinner - registration required by Apr 29

Wednesday May 9, 2007 - 1011 Evans Hall

09:00AM - 12:00PM  Conclusions, Plans for follow-on