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Statistics 131A, Fall, 2003

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30 October
  • Today in class we decided to make a radical change in the syllabus and grading for the rest of the term. I will not be lecturing on the rest of the book, per se. Instead, I will lecture on the following topics as a way to develop statistical approaches to real-world problems:
    • targeted web advertising
    • psychological findings about decision making under uncertainty
    • earthquake prediction
    • dowsing and ESP
    • inferring cause and effect from epidemiological studies
  • There are now two options you can choose between for the rest of the class. You need to pick one option by next Tuesday, 4 November:
    • Homework/final. You can do the online homework for the rest of the term and take a written final. There are about 10 problem sets you will need to do. I will not be lecturing on the material covered in the problem sets. The (multiple choice) final will cover all the material in the online book and problem sets. The problem sets will be made available right away; the due dates will be staggered over the rest of the term.
    • Term project. Join a group of 3-5 people in the class. Identify a topic with statistical content. As a team, prepare an oral presentation and a paper of about 10pp. We will discuss topics in class and do some work in teams in class. You need to join a group by Tuesday. By the end of class on Tuesday, I need to know the names, SIDs and email addresses of the team members, and who is the group liaison. By Thursday, I need to know your tentative topic. Potential topic areas include biology/health, business, gambling, sports, physical sciences, information science, psychology, and game theory. If you choose to do a group term project, you will not need to take a written final, and you will not need to do anymore online homework. If you decide to take this option, it is crucial that you attend all the lectures from now to the end of the term. Part of lecture time will be set aside for group work and status updates.
  • 30 September
  • Problem set 10 in fact covers the second half of Chapter 9, so I'm leaving the due date before the midterm. Sets 8, 9, and 10 are due Tuesday night, 7 October, 11:59pm.
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