Student Four years post-program Survey

We are compiling a list of all past participants (students, TAs, faculty) to send to everyone. Do we have your permission to include your email address and phone number on the list?    ___YES    ___NO

Also, the program now has a web page at where you can find out more about the program. If you would like a link between this page and yours, please let us know, and give us the address of your site.

Student Survey for The Mills Summer Mathematics Institute

  1. Please tell us about any graduate degree you are currently working toward. (field, school, year of entry, year degree expected, type of support)

  2. If you are not currently in school, please tell us what are you doing, and whether you plan to attend graduate school in the future.

    If you have not attended graduate school then skip to question 8.

  3. What form of financial support do/did you have?

  4. Is there anything particular about your performance that you would like to mention (e.g. awards, fellowships, papers, teaching, other math activities)?

  5. To what extent, if any, did the program affect your
    or none
                                        A great
    Self-confidence 1 2 34 5
    Motivation to do graduate work 1 2 34
    Mathematical preparation for graduate work 1 2 34 5
    Knowledge about what grad school is like 1 2 34 5

  6. Compared to your undergraduate female peers who did not participate in this program, what advantages, if any, do you think you got from the program?

  7. To help in our evaluation, if you are currently in graduate school, we would like to have your permission to ask your advisor (or other professor who knows your work) the following questions: (See Graduate Advisor Survey)

    Do we have your permission to contact your professor? Yes___ No___ If yes, please give us your professor's name, email address, and phone number.

  8. To what extent, if any, did participating in the SMI influence
    or none
                                        A great
    Decision to attend/not attend grad school 1 2 34 5
    Career choice 1 2 34 5

  9. What did you value most about the program?

  10. What did you value least about the program?

  11. Please rate your agreement/disagreement with the following statements:
    My work in the program:
    Showed me I could do hard math. 1 2 34 5
    Showed me I enjoyed doing challenging math. 1 2 34 5
    Taught me how to learn advanced math. 1 2 34 5

  12. On women and math:
    Having all women students in the program helped me see that there are many people like me who enjoy math. 1 2 34 5
    Having all women TAs in the program helped me see myself as a graduate student. 1 2 34 5
    Working only with women faculty provided valuable role models for me. 1 2 34 5

  13. Have you encouraged any other students to apply to the program?

  14. After the program, have you had any contact with
    former students:    ___Yes    ___No
    TAs:   ___Yes    ___No

  15. As an undergraduate, did you participate in any other summer mathematics programs, e.g. REUs?    ___Yes    __No

  16. If "Yes," briefly compare the strengths and weaknesses of the two programs, e.g. academics, general information, financial support, atmosphere, long term effect.