Graduate Advisor Survey

Dear Professor:

We are writing to you about one of your students, Ms XXX. In the summer of 1991 she attended the Mills Summer Mathematics Institute, a program designed to motivate and encourage talented undergraduate women to pursue advanced degrees in the mathematical sciences.

In order to complete our proposal for additional funding, we are conducting an evaluation of the program, and ask for brief answers to the questions below. XXX has given us her permission to approach you on this matter.

Your response will be kept confidential. Our email address is
and our fax number is (510) 642-7892. Please respond by September 10.

If you would like to see the results of this survey, please let us know, and include a mailing address. If you would like more information about the program, please visit its Web site at or let us know, and information will be sent to you.

We know that you have many demands on your time, and are grateful to you for doing this. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,
Ani Adhikari and Deb Nolan (Co-Directors)

Faculty Survey for The Mills Summer Mathematics Institute
  1. Is the student making satisfactory progress towards her degree?    Yes___ No___

  2. From your perspective and observation, please rate the student's
    or none
                                        A great
    to judge
    Self-confidence 1 2 34 5      _
    Motivation to do graduate work 1 2 34 5      _
    Mathematical preparation for graduate work 1 2 34 5      _
    Knowledge about what grad school is like 1 2 34 5      _

  3. How does the student compare to other women in your program in terms of adjusting to the demands of graduate work?

  4. Are you familiar with the program?    Yes___ No__