Statistics 155. Game Theory. TTh 11:00a-12:30p in Evans 60.

Statistics 155. Game Theory.

Tue-Thu 11:00a-12:30p in Evans 60.


Instructor: Shirshendu Ganguly (sganguly at berkeley dot edu).
Office hours Thu 2:15p-4:15p in Evans 422.

GSI: Alexander Tsigler (alexander_tsigler at berkeley dot edu). Office hours Wed, Fri 12-2pm Evans 446. Discussion sections Tues 1-2pm Evans 332, Friday 11am-12pm Evans 340.

         Jacob Calvert (jacob_calvert at berkeley dot edu).

Some materials, including homework assignments, will be posted to bcourses. If you cannot access the site, email the instructor with your at berkeley. edu address.

PREREQUISITES. To take this course you should have some background in single-variable calculus, matrix algebra, and probability theory (ideally Statistics 134).

Please include "STAT155" and your SID in the subject line of all emails.

(KP) Game Theory, Alive by A. Karlin and Y. Peres, available online.
(F) Game Theory by T. S. Ferguson, available online.

To be uploaded on Gradescope. Please be considerate of the grader: write solutions neatly.
At the top of the first page, write clearly the following information: your name, student ID number, Berkeley email address,
the course name (STAT155), and the names of any other students with whom you discussed the assignment. Please also indicate if you are currently waitlisted.

Collaboration Policy
You should first attempt to solve homework problems on your own.
If you are having trouble, you may discuss with others. You are expected to write down your solutions alone.

There will be one midterm and one final exam.
If you cannot take the final at the date and time given below, you cannot take this class.
If you have DSP accommodations, please contact me. There will be no late, early, or repeat exams. All exams will be closed book and closed notes.
No calculators or other devices.

Midterm: Thursday October 11, in lecture time slot.
Final: Wednesday December 12, 8:00a-11:00a.

Your overall score will be the maximum of {20% homework, 25% midterm, 55% final} and {20% homework, 80% final}.
No individual letter grades will be given for the homework, midterm, or final. Your letter grade for the class will be based on your overall score.
The distribution of letter grades will be discussed in class.
No late homework will be accepted. Lowest two homework scores will be dropped. Due dates will be announced with the homework,
and they should be turned in before 4pm on the due date.
No rescheduling (early/late/repeat) for any exams. Missing the final will automatically result in an F grade.
All students will be graded under the same scheme, regardless of late enrollment.

For a weekly update see bcourses. Broadly the topics to be covered are:
Analysis of Games
  • Combinatorial Games (Impartial/Partisan). KP Ch 1
  • Zero-sum games. KP Ch 2,3
  • General-sum games, Nash equilibria. KP Ch 4
  • Evolutionary and Correlated equilibria. KP Ch 7
  • Price of anarchy. KP Ch 8
  • Design of Games
  • Cooperative games. KP Ch 12
  • Voting. KP Ch 13
  • Auctions. KP Ch 14
  • Stable Matchings (if time permits)