Statistics and Genomics Seminar
STAT 278B, Section 003

Spring 2018

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Practical Matters

Thursday, 16:10-17:00

1011 Evans Hall (Campus map)

Professor Sandrine Dudoit

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STAT 278B, Section 003
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Thursday, January 25th
Speaker: Professor Nicholas P. Jewell, Division of Biostatistics and Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Cluster Randomized Test Negative Designs: Inference and Application to Vector Trials to Eliminate Dengue Fever

Thursday, February 1st

Thursday, February 8th

Thursday, February 15th
Speaker: Dr. Jun Ye, President and CEO, Sentieon
Title: Enable Precision Data for Precision Medicine
N.B. The seminar will be held exceptionally in 179 Stanley Hall.

Thursday, February 22nd
Speaker: Dr. Aaron McKenna, Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle
Title: Resolving Whole Organism Cell Fate with CRISPR/Cas9
N.B. The seminar will be held exceptionally in 306 Soda Hall.
The seminar speaker is interviewing for a joint faculty position between the Center for Computational Biology and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences.

Thursday, March 1st
Speaker: Professor Haiyan Huang, Department of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Title: Inferring Gene Interactions and Functional Modules Beyond Standard Statistical Models

Thursday, March 8th
Speaker: Dr. Aashish Adhikari, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley
Title: Exploring the Potential of Exome Sequencing in Newborn Screening

Thursday, March 15th
Speaker: Dr. Daniel Saltzberg, Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Medicine, UCSF
Title: Putting the Pieces Together: Modeling Macromolecular Structure by Integrating Sparse, Noisy, Ambiguous and Incoherent Biophysical Data

Thursday, March 22nd
Speaker: Professor Kathryn Roeder, Department of Statistics and Department of Computational Biology, Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Toward Understanding How We -- And our Diseases -- Develop Using Global Spectral Clustering for Dynamic Networks and Semi-Soft Clustering for Single Cell Gene Expression

Thursday, March 29th
Spring Recess

Thursday, April 5th
Speaker: Dr. Timothy Daley, Department of Statistics and Department of Bioengineering, Stanford University
Title: Mixture Model Dased Analysis of CRISPRi/a Screens

Thursday, April 12th
Speaker: Dr. Linda Rieswijk, Division of Environmental Health Sciences, UC Berkeley
Title: Using Publicly Available Gene Association Data in a Data-Driven Approach to Predict Human Carcinogenicity Based on the Key Characteristics

Thursday, April 19th
Speaker: Professor Sunduz Keles, Department of Biostatistics & Medical Informatics and Department of Statistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Unlocking a Masked Portion of Genome for Analysis of Conformation Capture Studies by Leveraging Multi-Mapping Reads

Thursday, April 26th
Speaker: Professor Lieven Clement, Department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, Ghent University
Title: Statistical Methods for Label-Free Quantitative MS-Based Proteomics

Thursday, May 3rd
Speaker: Koen Van den Berge, Department of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics, Ghent University
Title: Stage-Wise Testing for Differential Expression Analysis in Sequencing Studies