Po-Ling Loh

I am a fifth-year PhD student in the Berkeley statistics department. My adviser is Martin Wainwright. I study high-dimensional statistics, including structure recovery for graphical models and estimation/optimization in sparse settings. I am particularly interested in analyzing the behavior of high-dimensional learning algorithms when data are systematically corrupted, with implications for optimization of nonconvex problems. I am also interested in applications to medical imaging and compressed sensing MRI.

Before coming to Berkeley, I received my BS in math from Caltech (’09), with a minor in English. I earned an MS in computer science from Berkeley in May 2013. Here is a current copy of my CV .

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Po-Ling Loh

393 Evans Hall

Berkeley, CA 94720-3860

ploh (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Site last updated: 11/15/13

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  1. P.Loh and S. Nowozin. Faster Hoeffding racing: Bernstein races via jackknife estimates. Presented at the ALT Conference, Singapore, October 2013.

  1. P.Loh and M.J. Wainwright. Structure estimation for discrete graphical models: Generalized covariance matrices and their inverses. To appear in Annals of Statistics. Presented at the NIPS Conference, Lake Tahoe, NV, December 2012. Winner of best student paper award.

  1. P.Loh and M.J. Wainwright. Corrupted and missing predictors: Minimax bounds for high-dimensional linear regression. Presented at the ISIT Conference, Boston, MA, July 2012.

  1. P.Loh and M.J. Wainwright. High-dimensional regression with noisy and missing data: Provable guarantees with non-convexity. Annals of Statistics, 40(3):1637--1664, June 2012. Presented at the NIPS Conference, Granada, Spain, December 2011.

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  1. P.Loh, H. Zhou, and J. Bruck. The robustness of stochastic switching networks. Presented at the ISIT Conference, Seoul, Korea, July 2009.