STATISTICS  201A,      FALL 2015 .
Instructor: Jim Pitman
Title: Introduction to Probability at an Advanced Level
Description: Distributions in probability and statistics, central limit theorem, Poisson processes, modes of convergence, transformations involving random variables.
Note: This is a seven week course beginning Wednesday, August 26, and ending October 16, 2015. All student enrollments will be subject to instructor drop the first week of classes.
Prerequisite: Statistics 134 "Concepts of Probability" or equivalent.
CC Number: 87732
Units/Credit: 4
Text: None required. Recommended "Probability" by Jim Pitman. SpringerLink [] [Cal Student Store ]
Syllabus: Syllabus, lecture notes, worksheets and solutions will be posted on BCourses
Grading: Your overall score will be the maximum of {25% homework, 25% midterm, 50% final} and {25% homework, 75% final}. No individual letter grades will be given for the homework, midterm, or final. Your letter grade for the class will be based on your overall score.
Sections: Listed Here
Homework: Is due Thursdays at the *beginning* of Section. Homework should not be done in Section. No late homeworks will be accepted. Your lowest homework score will be dropped in the calculation of your overall homework score.
Exams: All exams will be closed book and closed notes; no calculators or similar devices will be needed or allowed. There will be one midterm and one final exam. There will be no late, early, or repeat exams.
Midterm Exam: In class, Friday 9/18
Final Exam :In class Friday, October 16, 2015.
Instructor Office hours:
Monday 1:30-4, Wednesday 1:30-3 in 303 Evans
GSI Office hours: TBD
Schedule: WEEK 1. 8/26 8/28
Homework 1 due 9/3

WEEK 2. 8/31 9/2 9/4
Homework 2 due 9/10

WEEK 3. 9/9 9/11 (Monday 9/7 is a Holiday)
Homework 3 due 9/17

WEEK 4. 9/14 9/16 9/18 (midterm)
Homework 4 due 9/24
MIDTERM EXAM in class 9/18

WEEK 5. 9/21 9/23 9/25
Homework 5 due 10/1

WEEK 6. 9/28 9/30 10/2
Homework 6 due 10/8

WEEK 7. 10/5 10/7 10/9
Homework 7 due 10/15

WEEK 8. 10/12 10/14 (review) 10/16 (final exam)

FINAL EXAM in class Friday 10/16

Further Resources:
Probability Prerequisites This page prepared by Prof. Adhikari indicates the probability prerequisites for Stat 135. The probability prerequisites for Stat 201A-B are the same.
Errata to Pitman Probability text maintained by Mike Leong at the Student Learning Center