Best Integrated Bibliographic Services

Jim Pitman

Joint Statistical Meetings: Introductory Overview Lecture August 5, 2008.


1  Traditional Subscription Services
2  Emerging Free Services
3  General Issues
4  Statistical Aspects
5  Some Problems
6  Bibliographic Knowledge Network
7  Development Program
8  Partners
9  Ongoing projects
10  BibServer
11  MathPeople
12  Statistics Topics
13  Summary
14  Conclusion

1  Traditional Subscription Services

2  Emerging Free Services

3  General Issues


4  Statistical Aspects

Bibliometry: Quantitative analysis of bibliographic data: selection/scoring/ranking/network stats
Citation Statistics Report: (IMS/IMU/ICIAM, 2008) [pdf]
Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Automated Classification, Collaborative Filtering (NetFlix Prize)

5  Some Problems

6  Bibliographic Knowledge Network

Proposal developed in collaboration with and numerous other partners (listed later).
Goal: To create

7  Development Program

Create software and bibliographic workflows to

8  Partners

9  Ongoing projects

10  BibServer

(maintained in part by IMS/VTEX)

11  MathPeople

12  Statistics Topics

13  Summary

14  Conclusion

What is most needed is human resources:
Fiscal resources to attract the human ones are also needed.
Want to get involved? Please get in touch!

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